Our family started painting in Muskegon 140 years ago, when Joseph Vallier, a carriage painter, immigrated to Muskegon, Mi from Montreal, Canada. Today we are one of the largest painting contractors in West Michigan.


Joseph Vallier immigrated to Muskegon, Mi from Montreal, Canada in 1881. He took a job as a painter and decorator for Hutchinson Carriage Decorating Company.


Joseph purchased the carriage painting company in 1891 and his son AJ dropped out of school to assist with the business. It was renamed "J. Vallieres and Son".


Joseph died in 1903 and with horse-drawn carriages having been replaced by automobiles AJ closed the carriage painting business and went to work as a painter for Panyard & Company.


AJ started his own residential and commercial painting company, A.J. Valliere and Sons in 1924.


By 1928 the company was successful but fell on hard times during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The company remained afloat with the help of AJ's daughter Nanette and three sons, Gerard, Edmund, and Wilfred. The family spent many nights sitting around the kitchen table talking about how to keep the company afloat.


The 1940s saw the economy turning around, and A.J. Valliere & Sons benefited from the economic good times, becoming the largest painting company in Muskegon County.


AJ died in 1942 and his wife Edwidge became the owner of the painting business.


The business was transferred to AJ's sons, Gerard and Edmund, in the early 1960s.


Edmund’s sons, Louis and Danny begin running the business and Louis hired his son David, and son-in-law Mike Lawie in 1977.


Louis and Danny become the sole owners of the business in 1979.


In the late 1980s, Louis’ health began failing and he encouraged David, his daughter Shelley, and her husband Mike to start their own company.


Mike, Shelley, and David started Dimension Four Painting, Inc in 1987. The name “Dimension Four” was a nod to the four prior generations of painters.


Dimension Four Painting is one of the largest commercial painting companies in West Michigan and is currently managed by Mike & Shelley’s son, Chad, a 6th generation painter.

If you have a painting project, large or small, give us a call at 231-798-2474. We look forward to assisting you!